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This traditional and cultural influence of henna designs has become quite popular to women of the Western world as well. These temporary decorations or tattoos can be seen adorning women’s hands, arms, and feet. Women use the designs to attend festive occasions, most weddings in the countries of Pakistan, India, and other Asian cultures include the beautiful designs as part of the brides make up. . This tradition is especially popular for wedding ceremonies as brides adorn their bodies with the latest designs. During weddings or religious ceremonies you can see women with all kinds of decorative designs.

How long does it last?

The design will look good for 1 to 2 weeks, fading gradually within that time.
Factors determining this are:

  • * Depth of the stain

  • * Part of the body it is applied to

  • * Exposure to water, chemicals and rubbing

What is the color of the henna stain?

After the paste comes off, the stain color ranges from orange to a dark reddish brown.
The darkness depends on the following:

  • * Part of the body it is applied to (the hands and feet stain the darkest)

  • * Quality of the henna powder

  • * Quality of the application

  • * Amount of time the paste is left on (best to leave it on for at least 4 hours)

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